Vision Statement

In November of 2004, I ran my first marathon for my 30th birthday. What I thought might be a one and done turned into a lifelong passion! 16 marathons later and countless halves and numerous other races, I am still going strong!  Long distance running is not easy. Runners need to take advantage of every possible thing they can! Recently, I have started using compression gear in all aspects of my life. Compression gear allows blood to circulate more freely and is therefore helpful while we exercise. It is also beneficial as a tool for recovery as it helps massage our muscles and more quickly help us rid of lactic acid. For those of us who spend much of the day on our feet, it is also important that we use compression socks daily.

I am proud and excited to bring run26point2 to the online marketplace! I want to share the products that I use with other runners. I am eager to let you know what works for me and I also look forward to hearing back from you and finding out what you find helpful. By visiting marathon expos and health and nutrition trade shows, we can talk directly to the customers, and stay more attuned to the running community. I am excited to turn this passion into a business! This will further inspire me to continue running and it will help me remain a part of the running community!